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11 Reasons Why you are Struggling to Lose Weight

I posted the picture below on my Instagram and Facebook showing 9 possible reasons why you are struggling to lose weight, I am going to include a few more in this post & elaborate on them slightly!

I constantly hear people in the weight loss industry shouting to followers

"The reason you are not losing weight is that you are not in a calorie deficit"

(and I mean shouting - I think being an asshole is how you get Instagram famous now?)

Yes, it is true. We know in order to lose weight you need to burn more energy than you take in from food, but is that it?

I think you and your life is a bit more complex than a calorie deficit...

Which is why coaches who help you to figure out where you are being challenged and find solutions to that challenge are so essential.

Let's look my 11 Reasons why I Think you are Struggling to Lose Weight

Reason #1 - Your Hormones are Going Haywire

Cortisol, Leptin, Grehlin, Oestrogen, Testosterone (even in women) Melatonin, Thyroid T4, rT3, Insulin, Serotonin...

These are just some of your hormones, and when one is out of balance it can have a knock on effect on another.

Let's be clear ...

I am not saying that "Your hormones are causing your fat cells to grow"

What I am saying is...

*enter hormone name* is causing you to be consistently inconsistent, so you struggle to stick to a diet and feel lost

Please understand you are not a failure for struggling to stick to a calorie deficit

Oh and guess what? A CALORIE DEFICIT can actually be a stress on your body if not done properly, which can cause more imbalances in your hormones.

Dieting with hormonal imbalances is like pushing against a brick wall!

Reason #2: You Think You Have to Cut Out Food Groups

"I am not eating bread from Monday"

"I am not eating cheese anymore, it's too fattening"

Does this sound like you?

Are you someone who thinks they have to cut out a certain food or food group to lose weight?

How has that worked for you in the past?

Reason #3 You Think You Should Only be Eating "Clean" Foods

Do you think it is impossible to lose weight while also enjoying some of your favorite not-so-clean foods?

This could be another reason why you are struggling to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF long term,

How long can you last until you cave and "fall off track" and end up eating rings around yourself?

Reason #4 You Are Always on The Lookout for The Next Fat-Burning Food, Detox Tea etc

The global weight management market was worth US$ 189.8 Billion in 2018

Most of this money is used to lure you into buying the magic solution, the quick fix.

It sells you the solution to your problems...

"and for only €24, in just TWO weeks you will be down a dress size"

Sound familiar?

Sure why wouldn't you try it?!

🤦‍♀️ Start to Thinking Critically.

NONE, Zero, Zilch, Niente di niente of the quick fixes work...

Obesity is a global epidemic,

If there was a magical fat-burning food or pill, don't you think this would be solved?

Give yourself some credit, you are smarter than an Instagram #ad #AF #brandambassador for a detox tea from Katie Price

Stop focusing on the magic solution, focus on the important stuff, and get help if you need support to do it.

Weight loss is simple but it is NOT easy!

Reason #5, You Are Burning The Candle At Both Ends

Have you been trying to lose weight, but feel overwhelmed?

You feel you have tried everything and just cant get anywhere?

Maybe it is time to take a step back and reassess your plan?

Maybe you need the support of a coach?

Reason #6 You Are Self-Sabotaging Your Diet

  • Grabbing a hand full of nuts

  • Having a random slice of toast

  • Nibbling on foods while cooking

  • Drinking empty calories, 7up, coke, fruit juices, extra cups of tea with sugar and milk

  • Finishing off your kids/boyfriends/friends plates

  • Accepting someone's offerings of food even when you are not hungry

  • Always needing something else after your meals, chocolate, crisps...

BLT = Bites, licks, tastes...

(I can't remember who I heard this off but it stuck!)

Having extra BLT's all day every day can all add up to a lot of extra calories

This can come back to hormones & habit - What is causing you to constantly want to graze?

ESPECIALLY important to look at now during these #COVID19 / Coronavirus days, where we are all at home a lot more with easy access to the fridge

Reason #7 You Don't Know How to Stay on Track on Weekends & Other Occasions

Are you either on track and "being good" - not a crumb of any "bad food" will pass your lips!!

Or you are completely off track - YOLO'ing your way through a large bag of Doritos and share size Galaxy cookie crumble? 👀👀

Are you constantly losing weight to only put it back on + some extra, year on year?

Do you wish you could keep a steady pace, losing weight while being able to factor in nights out, weekends away, and special occasions?

This is the real goal, isn't it?

Have your dream body and live your life?

Reason #8 You Are Always Rushing to Lose Weight For Short Term Goals, Never Focusing on the Long Term

This kind of ties in with my last point, you live your life "on track" or "off track"

Your either being good or being bad,

... on a diet or not on a diet...

You have an occasion, holiday, birthday, wedding coming up...

You are determined to lose weight for it, only to put it back on a few weeks later...

You need a long term plan, to help you lose it for good, while still having a life.

Reason #9 You Focus on Eating Less and Doing More, & Feel Burnt Out

This works for a short period, like everything else!

You can do all the classes, and workouts, do all the runs and hikes, do all of the diets and drink all the detox teas, cut all the bread, cake, potatoes, and drink all of the water

Until you can't anymore, and normal life has to resume, which is when you gain it all back 💡

You need a sustainable, personalised weight loss plan that fits into your life, and allows you to eat the foods you want to eat, while losing weight

IT IS possible to lose weight, and have a life!

Reason #10 You are Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein = Satiety, it helps you to feel full after eating

Protein is needed for more than satiety and building muscles, it's also needed for hormones, enzymes, antioxidants, antibodies etc. but this could be one of the reasons you are struggling to lose weight...

Reason #11 You are Not Eating Enough Vegetables

Same as above...

Vegetables = fibre = satiety

Vegetables = really low calories = large portions = satiety

If you feel like you relate to any of these let me know, I would love to hear from you and your challenges!

Share this post with friends or family if you think it is relatable, check out my Instagram , & drop me a DM


Many thanks,


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