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Leanne Moran Nutritional Therapy Dublin
Leanne Moran Nutritional Therapy Dublin Ireland Nutritional Therapist Dublin

~ Women feeling burnt out. Wanting to get off the hamster wheel, feeling trapped, feeling tired day in day out. 

~ PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PMDD.

~ PMS symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, rage, highly emotional, insomnia, anxiety, cravings, sore boobs, bloating, headaches. 

~ Painful periods, heavy periods.

~ Women with super light, irregular cycles or missing periods.

~If you are tired of being tired, even though you are sleeping 8 hours a night.

~ If you are unable to sleep at night, even though you feel exhausted all day.

~ Women with digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn.

Work with Me: Nutritional Therapy Packages


What's Included in each package:

  • In depth health, symptom & diet assessment

  • Personalised nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations

  • Personalised resources and tools that can be used in between sessions as a support to your goals

  • In between session support via email

Reset: The 6 Week Package 

1 Initial consultation + 1 Follow up consultation.

Cost:  €220

Payment plans available*

Renew: The 16 Week Package

1 Initial consultation + 3 Follow up consultations.

Cost:  €430

Payment plans available*

Reclaim: The 28 Week Package

1 Initial consultation + 6 Follow up consultations.

Investment: €730

Payment plans available*

If you are still unsure or have any questions about the packages, nutritional therapy and your goals/concerns:

Book in for a free 15 minute introductory call so we can chat about your concerns, goals and whether Nutritional Therapy is the right thing for you.

Leanne Moran Nutritional Therapy Dublin

Book in for a FREE discovery call so we can chat through your goals and see if Nutritional Therapy is the best fit for you.

You will receive a detailed health questionnaire & food diary to fill out.

I will assess this prior to our first consultation.

The first consultation will last 90-minutes. We will come up with a simple to follow plan for the month ahead targeted towards your goals.

After the initial consultation, you will receive everything you need to follow the plan easily via email. 


Q: What makes your service any different to others?

A: Common themes I see with women who come to me for Nutritional Therapy are feelings of frustration, loneliness, confusion, anxiety and depression.


Years of experiencing symptoms, not getting any answers or support can be exhausting. I aim to create an open and welcoming space for women to share with me their story. I listen to their experience and work with them as a whole, I don't reduce them to "symptom management" alone.  My passion is not only hormonal support but also increasing clients energy, improving productivity, breaking through tough mindset blocks so that they can live more & really get the most out of life

Q: I would prefer to do things in person/online... 

A: I offer both in person (in my home office in Swords) and online appointments (on Zoom) so you can choose what you would prefer! 

Q: I don't want to book a consultation right now, but I love the sound of your work - do you do anything else? 

A: Yes! I run a monthly women's group called Rediscovering Feminine - drop me an email if you would like to join us! EMAIL:


Make sure you are signed up to my mailing list, you can sign up through the resources page here.

I am mostly active on Instagram and am currently planning some online workshops focused on female hormonal health, period tracking, improving energy etc. Sign up to my email list or visit me on Instagram to make sure you get all the updates!

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